Talk about life saving technology!

This phone apparently took a bullet saved a mans life and made the internet love Nokia againTwitter/Peter Skillman
Flix Bizarre Saturday, October 08, 2016 - 15:11

Remember all those jokes about how we never wanted to change phones after our first Nokia handsets because they seemed practically indestructible? As it turns out, while Nokia may be struggling to survive against the growing popularity of Apple and rival Android phones, a Nokia phone apparently saved a man's life.   

And how! It literally took a bullet for him.

Check out this tweet by Peter Skillman, a Microsoft employee who worked on this Nokia phone.

Peter later said in another tweet that the picture was passed to him by a coworker. And the internet, being the internet, went nuts. These memes and jokes were the hilarious results.

And then there are the good old Nokia jokes which never get old.

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