Apparently, some people didn't bother to hear beyond the 'snap' in Snapchat and THIS happened.

People are down-rating Snapdeal instead of Snapchat and its hilarious but kinda sad
Social Controversy Sunday, April 16, 2017 - 19:02

On Sunday, India woke up to Snapchat CEO’s alleged comment calling the country too ‘poor’ to consider expansion. And while the company denied any such comment having been made by Even Spiegel, the backlash from Indians did not stop.

Many people uninstalled the app and gave it a bad rating on app stores.

But there was one more unexpected casualty in the middle of this controversy and the entity involved had nothing to do with Snapchat.

Apparently, some people did not bother to hear beyond the ‘Snap’ in Snapchat and believed that it was the Snapdeal CEO who made the comment about India. And they’ve been giving Snapdeal a bad rating on app stores all day!

Check out some of the reviews people have left on Google Play Store:


Some people even tried to do damage control by pointing out it was the Snapchat CEO and NOT Snapdeal. Others started rating the app five star just to make up for the all the one star rating it had got from others.

The situation is quite funny but one does feel somewhat sad for poor Snapdeal, which is, FYI, an Indian company, and had nothing to do with the whole controversy.

Let’s hope people realize that Snapchat and Snapdeal are completely different entities!  

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