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The News Minute | September 4, 2014 | 12:02 pm IST

Last week was National Dog Day across the globe. However, the Pentagon doesn't think that the dogs it sends to fight its wars are important enough to be brought back to the United States after being enlisted in enemy locations outside the country.

While military dogs are given a higher rank over their handlers because of the dangerous work they are engaged in, from identifying enemy locations to searching bombs, this is valid only until the dogs are in good working condition. As the dogs get old or not required any more, they are considered “equipment” which can be left behind among the other items left, said National Review.

They are termed “civilians” and hence don’t get a ride back to their own country, said the report.

Gerry Proctor, spokesman for Lackland Air Force Base (which trains military dogs), told CNN. “A handler would never speak of their dog as a piece of equipment. The dog is their partner. You can walk away from a damaged tank, but not your dog. Never.,” said the report.

Efforts that would allow military dogs to retire only after returning to the US are yet to be converted into a reality in Congress. While utmost priority is given towards ensuring human care, the cost of including these “retired “ dogs on military planes back home is negligible, says the report.

This video Glory Hounds by Animal Planet in 2013 shows a powerful bond which forms between a handler and his canine partner, and they only way they work well, is together with complete trust.  

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