Pathanamthitta hospital runs out of water: Patients, staff yet to be evacuated

While some staff managed to get out of the hospital, some showed reluctance for fear of not having shelter elsewhere.
Pathanamthitta hospital runs out of water: Patients, staff yet to be evacuated
Pathanamthitta hospital runs out of water: Patients, staff yet to be evacuated
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Muthoot Hospital in Kozhenchery, Pathanamthitta district, which was badly affected in the rains on Wednesday, remains inundated. Even on the third day, the water level has not receded and the first floor of the five-storey building, is still submerged, an employee there updated TNM.

The rescue operation, which had started since Thursday morning, had stopped in the evening, around 6 pm. “Due to the increasing turbidity of water, it was a Herculean task for the people manning the dingy boat, as they had to row against the force of water. Besides, not many showed reluctance to evacuate out of fear, as they don’t know the situation at their house or hostel,” said Robin, a relative of a nurse, who along with other staff members, managed to leave the hospital premises.

On Thursday, there were around 200 people including patients who were stranded at Muthoot Hospital. However, it is unclear how many people evacuated since then.

“Most of the patients, who require immediate medical assistance, have been evacuated. However, people who have difficulty walking are still at the hospital as it becomes a challenge to get them aboard a dingy boat. Some of these patients, who were evacuated, had to be brought down using a ladder. Some staff members managed to get out of the hospital on their own. Others, including those stranded at Muthoot's hostel, received food supply today,” he said.

The ground floor of Muthoot College of Nursing's hostel, which houses around 500 residents, has been inundated. Located near the hospital, the hostel includes nurses, students, interns and other medical students. “Information about the hostel had no reached the authorities initially. Now, food is being arranged for them as well,” said Robin.

The employees also said that the water tank at the hospital got completely empty by Thursday. The hospital also ran out of oxygen for the patients on ventilators and others.

Note: In case you are looking for someone stranded in Kerala or have information about someone, use this 'Person Finder', which crowdsources information, to help.

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