Over 1.58 lakh COVID-19 cases in India, 6,566 new patients in 24 hours

194 deaths were reported due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, according to government data.
Migrants walking in Mumbai
Migrants walking in Mumbai
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India is attempting to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus and is currently under an extended lockdown, as some states are continuing to see a steady rise in cases. The Indian government has extended its lockdown till May 31 to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Union Health Ministry, the number of cases in India as of 10 am on May 28 stands at 1,58,333 with 6,566 cases in 24 hours. A total of 67,692 patients have recovered. With 194 deaths in 24 hours, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 stands at 4,531, as per government data.

Here are the numbers as of 10 am on May 28:

— Tamil Nadu has 18,545 cases. 9,909people have recovered and 133 people have died due to the disease. On May 27, 817 new cases were reported.

— Karnataka has a total of 2,418 cases. 781 patients have recovered and the state has reported 47 deaths. A total of 135 new cases were reported in the state on May 27.

— Kerala has a total of 1003 cases, with 552 recoveries and 7 deaths. The state reported 40 new cases on May 27.

— Andhra Pradesh has a total of 3,117 cases, with 2059 recoveries and 58 deaths. 134 new cases were reported on May 27.

— Telangana has a total of 2,098 cases, with 1,321 recoveries and 63 deaths. The state saw an increase of 107 cases on May 27.

— Maharashtra has a total of 56,948 cases, with 17,918 recoveries and 1,897 deaths. The state saw 2,190 new cases on May 27.

As testing increases and due to the influx of people from across India and countries, some states are recording spikes in cases and number of deaths. Experts say that India should still be testing more than it currently is, and the number of cases detected is expected to go up as, states ramp up testing.

Cases across the world are currently at 56,93,066 with 3,55,653 deaths (according to the map by Johns Hopkins) as on May 28.

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