In other news, at the G20 World Summit
In other news, at the G20 World Summit

In other news, at the G20 World Summit

The News Minute | November 15, 2014 | 03:40 pm IST

The G20 summit has just began in Australia with leaders from across the world culminating at the two-day event in Brisbane. 

However, the Australian Prime Minister Abbott's hesitation to concentrate on climate change during the G20 summit resulted in a different sort of reaction from locals who came out in protest against the government. 

Around 400 protesters came on to Bondi beach a few days before the G20 summit was to begin and stuck their heads down in the sands of the famous Bondi beach. A reddit user uploaded this image of the protesters.

Uniquely done, there seems to be a reason behind the protest to be held in this fashion. The organiser of this protest, Eden Tehan in a post has written that the protest was to show that many australians didnt agree with their government's stand on climate change. 

The G20 summits over the years have revolved around familiar topics , the first amongst them being economic growth, a topic that has been discussed for over five years , said a BBC report.Improving global governance and discussions on trade liberalization were two other major topics discussed at these summits, said the report.

What’s missing from the agenda? 

While the world is grappling with a number of issues, the G20 summit has starkly missed out on discussions on important issues. 

The BBC report goes on to say that climate change is one important topic missing from the agenda, one that many countries wanted but Australia backed out off. The protest by Australians at the Bandi beach was a reaction to Abbott's failure to address this growing concern despite other countries like China and America moving forward in this aspect. 

Political instability, namely conflicts across the world like that in Ukraine and with the Islamic State was another topic missing from the list. 

Last but not the least, Ebola the most dangerous health threat in current times is another topic that doesn't figure on this year’s agenda at Australia.

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