Only 38% Indians are healthy, women unhealthier than men: GOQii India Fit Report 2020

In terms of cities, Chennai has the worst BMI rank across all cities, while Bengaluru is the fourth healthiest city in the country.
Only 38% Indians are healthy, women unhealthier than men: GOQii India Fit Report 2020
Only 38% Indians are healthy, women unhealthier than men: GOQii India Fit Report 2020
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Most centennials — those born at the turn of the century — lead a disease-free life while the younger age groups demonstrated a higher risk profile for lifestyle diseases, as per the GOQii India Fit Report 2020. Sixty-two per cent of people are either high risk or borderline on the High-Risk Assessment spectrum. The report shows that young adults in the 19-30 age group have the unhealthiest habits and demonstrate a high propensity to be afflicted by lifestyle diseases.

The India Fit Report 2020 is a result of a year-long study of 5 million GOQii users on the health and lifestyle of Indians across different parameters such as steps taken, lifestyle diseases (Diabetes, Cardiac and Hypertension), BMI (Body Mass Index), nutrition, water, stress, sleep, gut health and immunity, allergies, smoking and alcohol consumption. It is through these factors and others that a person's 'health' is determined, according to the report. 

As per the report, only 38% of people are healthy. On the whole, women are unhealthier than men with 71% of women falling in the unhealthy category in the Health Risk Assessment spectrum.

The report finds that there has been an alarming rise in lifestyle diseases among youngsters. Diabetes has increased from 7.1% to 12% this year and 13.5% of Indians have cholesterol issues. Currently 36% of the people who have high cholesterol have heart issues as well, while 51.7% of the people who have diabetes have abnormal cholesterol too. Thyroid issues have increased from 6.8% to 10.7% in 2019. The report also suggests that 13.4% of the people in India have high blood pressure.

As per the report, 20.8% of Indians have low immunity levels, 27% have acidity and indigestion issues, 22.5% of people above the age of 30 have aches and pains.

In terms of cities, Chandigarh to be the healthiest city in India while Kolkata is at the lowest end of the spectrum. Chennai has the worst BMI rank across all cities, while Mumbai slips far down in the list of healthiest cities, ranking 15th overall.


As per the study, Bengaluru is the fourth healthiest city in the country, falling from its top position last year.

The city however ranks second in terms of effort. “They log their food [in the app] more often in comparison to the other cities. They walk the most as well,” the report finds.

However, it ranks first among cities of GOQii users with heart issues, and second with those having diabetes.


Among the country’s 5 million GOQii users, Chennai has the worst BMI rank across all cities. This is a cause for concern due to the possibility of increased illness in the future. Chennai also has the worst water intake and stress index as well. Allergies too seem to be rampant in this city. “All these factors lead to a bottom of the pack overall ranking for Chennai still. Chennai at least has a low incidence of smoking which bodes well for the city,” the report states.


Hyderabad is the seventh healthiest city. It has the least percentage of people suffering from blood pressure issues and a lower percentage of people having heart issues, acidity and allergies. However, it has a higher percentage of people who have aches and pains and thyroid.

“When it comes to effort, Hyderabad ranks lower in stress management along with food logs, water intake and sleep. The percentage of people consuming alcohol is also on the higher side. Although, it has a lower index in terms of smoking,” the report states.

Interestingly, the report also found that India’s oldest people attribute their longevity to eating nutritious food, staying active, socializing and sound sleep as per the GOQii India Fit Report 2020.

These attributes were the common contributing factors for leading a long and healthy life according to ninety-year olds and centenarians who participated in the study from across the country. The elderly people also believed that eating home-cooked and fresh, local and seasonal vegetarian meals at fixed and regular intervals played an important role in their day-to-day regimen. Dairy, especially milk, curd and ghee emerged as kitchen superheroes for this age group. The centurions also believed that having a hobby, being social and content enhanced the quality of their lives.

The GOQii India Fit Report has been administered across 16 cities in the country and data has been collected from a cross-section of 5 million GOQii app users.

The study evaluates the health of the users, which is based on the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and data tracked by users on their GOQii app. HRA considers factors such as current body statistics, medical parameters, current nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep, alcohol, smoking, current illness, lifestyle diseases, immunity levels, symptoms or health indicators.

The data that is tracked by the users on a daily basis is their steps clocked, food logs, sleep, water intake and their vital parameters. This edition of the report has focused on doing in-depth interviews with India’s oldest citizens. Over 100 respondents across the length and breadth of India, between 90 and 100 plus years of age were an integral part of the study.

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