OnePlus Concept One teased with ‘invisible camera’, to be unveiled at CES 2020

The invisible camera is achieved using electrochromic glass technology currently used to greatly reduce glare on the windows of the Boeing 787s and the McLaren 720s.
OnePlus Concept One teased with ‘invisible camera’, to be unveiled at CES 2020
OnePlus Concept One teased with ‘invisible camera’, to be unveiled at CES 2020
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OnePlus has built an image for itself trying to offer innovative solutions to its customers through the smartphone models it releases. There has been a lot of talk about a concept phone that the Chinese company will be unveiling at the CES 2020 at Las Vegas this week, but no one was sure what the device was going to bring new to the table. Now the company has itself issued a handout broadly explaining the concept and calling the device ‘OnePlus Concept One’.

The OnePlus Concept One comes with a new technology not seen in the smartphones so far. It involves the use of a special electrochromic glass that makes the cameras invisible to the naked eye when not in use. “This is a special type of glass where organic particles are used to create various tints in the glass when an electrical field in inducted. The light transmission properties of the glass can be altered by subjecting it to a different voltage. This changes the nature of the glass from being transparent to translucent and vice versa,” the company said in a statement.

This technology is applied in the fields of aeronautics and even automotive to enable the glass to reduce the glare. The windows of Boeing 787s use this glass and technology as do the McLaren 720s.

OnePlus, in its own efforts to introduce path-breaking technology in the field of smartphones, has now adopted this electrochromic glass for this OnePlus Concept One smartphone and the rear panel of this device made of glass obscures the cameras beneath its surface until the camera app is activated. This makes it an invisible camera. The rear panel therefore looks a nice and clean surface, an aesthetic marvel.    

The company is yet to share any other detail about this phone, the specifications, price and the launch date etc. The CES 2020 is where these may be revealed. “As well as getting a demo of the OnePlus Concept One, visitors will also see first-hand the next chapter of flagship excellence through various showcases including a 90Hz vs 60Hz comparison and a OnePlus Piano performance,” OnePlus said.

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