This Onam, Malayalis crush Sangh's attempts to replace Maveli, like a pappadam

These hilarious memes tell the world what Malayalis think about Vamana Jayanthi.
This Onam, Malayalis crush Sangh's attempts to replace Maveli, like a pappadam
This Onam, Malayalis crush Sangh's attempts to replace Maveli, like a pappadam
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Malayalis love Maveli. They also love memes, as Amit Shah and his brethren may have discovered.

The Sangh Parivar groups in Kerala have been trying to turn Onam into ‘Vamana Jayanthi’ for a while now, making it all about Vamana (the fifth avatar of Vishnu) rather than Maveli, the legendary king from Kerala.

With Amit Shah breaking the coconut and wishing people ‘Happy Vamana Jayanthi’ on Twitter, the Malayalis took to social media to crush his claims the same way they would a pappadam.

Take a look at these memes!

Meme creators spare no one.

The image shows Vamana placing his foot on Amit Shah rather than Maveli.

 "Oh, it could have been like this!"

"Except the Muslims who think Onam is forbidden and the Sanghis who are celebrating Vamana Jayanthi, Happy Onam to all!"

This one asks a pertinent question, really.

Sasikala Teacher (Saikumar), President of the Kerala Hindu Aikyavedi, who told journalists that Vamana was a freedom fighter who liberated the world from Maveli: "Mahabali should not play any role in Onam. We should celebrate Vamana Jayanthi."

Innocent: "Don’t mistake me, but if someone dies, do you observe their death anniversary or celebrate it as Yama’s birthday?"

This one takes off on the Right Wing’s penchant for falsely using UNESCO whenever they want to validate something.

Mahabali ain’t looking pleased here.

Mahabali, on visiting Kerala and seeing the Maha Vishnu temple.

Some respite for the overweight this year. But others have to fill in their shoes!

A scene from Da Thadiya!

Sreenath Bhasi: "Hey listen, for this year’s colony Onam celebrations..."

Shekar Menon: "No, don’t ask me to be Mahabali. Find someone else."

Sreenath Bhasi: "It’s not that! They’re asking me to be Vamana!"

Panel 1: When the fat guy in my class realizes that Mahabali will not be part of Onam anymore.

Panel 2: When I realized that Vamana, who has six-pack abs will be part of Onam instead.

It’s not just the Right Wing that the meme creators have a bone to pick with.

Communist: "How dare you celebrate Vamana Jayanthi?"

Northi Sanghi: "But we have been celebrating it for many years."

Communist: "No, that' not done. You have to apologize now."

You can reserve this for post-Sadya contemplation.

"Is it dumb people who join the BJP or do they join the BJP and then become dumb?"

All said and done, Malayalis love Maveli.

A scene from “Vandanam” in which Girija Shettar gives reasons to Mohanlal why he should not fall for her.

Le Maveli (Girija Shettar): "I am an asura. Even Devas don't like me."

Le Malayalis (Mohanlal): "Still we love you."

But the sangh too is retaliating with their own memes.

Malayali (Mohanlal) to Communist (Jagathy) : Aren't you the one who abused Amit Shah for not wishing Onam?

Yesterday was Vamana Jayanthi, today is Onam. He wished on both occassions, did you not see?

How can you, who celebrated birth anniversary of Chattambi Swamikal on Sree Krishna Jayanthi raise objection?

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