Obama and the media in the middle-east

Obama and the media in the middle-east
Obama and the media in the middle-east
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The News Minute | December 9, 2014 | 8:10 pm IST

The president of the United States Barrack Obama has more power over deaths in the middle east than he has over lives in his in his own country is how this story reportage by ALJAZEERA begins.

Obama who stressed the importance of communication to the Arab world that he was not their enemy has not given interviews to leading media organisations from the region including seasoned journalists who cover the White House. Instead, his silence has been most audible.

It is an enigma – as the programme is called – compounded by the fact that several interviews later, no clear answer emerges as to why television stations including Al Jazeera, hailed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a flag bearer of information between the united States and the Arab world, are unable to access the world’s most important political office.

The programme also asks journalism students if they report on what they think should be published or what will be striking at the heart of questions that are posed in news rooms around the world, but rarely responded to.

Watch full reportage here.

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