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The News Minute| February 4, 2015| 3.00 pm IST Delhi elections and the controversies surrounding it have been hogging headlines on TV channels and newspapers in the last few days. Hashtags, public debates, personal attacks, accusations and counter accusations- the coverage has been quite colorful till now. We know how the media is covering the Delhi elections, but here are three stories on the media as it covers these elections. NDTV uses ‘Party feed’ and ‘Own feed’ On Tuesday, as the Prime Minister addressed a gathering at Rohini in New Delhi, almost all channels dutifully cut to the live news feed provided by BJP. During the general elections in May 2014 and assembly elections after that, there has been much criticism that news channels were filling bulletins by cutting live feed of speeches provided by political parties themselves. Channels were accused of simply playing these feeds without asking the relevant questions or covering the more important issues. On Tuesday, NDTV had a split screen. One side of the screen showed BJP feed and the other NDTV feed. When we asked the channel’s Editorial Director Sonia Singh about this, she said, “It is to give a variety of shots. We do feel editorially that it is important to have our own visuals or from a news agency as well as those provided by a political party whether it be BJP or Congress.” So while the cameras employed by political parties mostly zoom into the crowds, to make it look as if the event was packed, we can now hope for visuals of the actual sparse crowds. No ‘Arnab Goswami questions Kejriwal’? It seems this election season, we will not be lucky enough to watch Arnab Goswami take on Arvind Kejriwal… or vice versa? Things have not been well between the channel and the AAP for many months now. Many times in the past, Goswami has challenged Kejriwal to come on his show. It seems last week that opportunity almost came, but didn’t quite happen. When Goswami was in Delhi, Kejriwal wasn’t ready; when Kejriwal was ready Goswami didn’t agree to go to Delhi. We hope a miracle happens and the interview does happen soonest. Ready with pop corn! Ravish Kumar rules the roost If there is one journalist who has topped the charts with his interviews, that’s NDTV’s Ravish Kumar. The man was trending on Twitter for making Kiran Bedi admit that the urban legend about her towing the then PM Indira Gandhi’s car wasn’t exactly true. The interview was so widely discussed that Ravish Kumar later wrote a blog about it. But before BJP supporters could conclude that he was ‘biased’ and ‘sold out’, there came a cracker of an interview with Arvind Kejriwal, which then again trended on Twitter. Our favorite part was when he asked Kejriwal- “Why crack a joke saying I can run a government like Baniya? You need to run a government right? Not manage a shop!” Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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