Newly-wed couple found murdered in Kerala, police begin probe

The victims were found dead with stab injuries to the head and neck.
Newly-wed couple found murdered in Kerala, police begin probe
Newly-wed couple found murdered in Kerala, police begin probe
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The village of Makkiyad in the Wayanad district of Kerala on Friday woke up to the news of the murder of a newly-wed couple.

Manoramaonline reports that 28-year-old Umar and his 20-year-old wife, Fathima, were found dead inside their bedroom around 8:30 am on Friday.

Police have reportedly started questioning the migrant workers of that area and that as of Saturday morning, they have questioned around 19 migrant labourers in connection with the crime.

The report states that the bodies were found with severe wounds caused by stabbing, especially in the head and neck region.

It is not yet clear whether this is incident is a case of theft or revenge.

According to Manoramaonilne, no weapons have been found from within the house or from inside the bedroom, from where the bodies were found.

The bodies were found when Umar’s mother, Ayesha came to their house on Friday morning. She had stayed the previous night at Umar’s brother Muneer’s house.

Hearing the cries of Ayesha, the neighbours rushed to the house.

The reports claim that the kitchen doors were found to be opened from the outside and that the police had found chilli powder near the door as well as inside the bedroom.

Even though the ornaments worn by Fathima and the money in Umar’s kurta pocket were still intact, the fact that Fathima’s necklace and bangles are missing is what is confusing the police as to whether theft was the reason behind the murder or not.

Umar grew and sold bananas from the land he has taken on lease.

His wedding and his brother Muneer’s house warming were on the same day. Right after that, Muneer went abroad for work, and their mother Ayesha used to give company to Muneer’s wife by staying over the night at their house.

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