New bug in WhatsApp update deleting all photos from app for some users

This bug is affecting WhatsApp beta users updating to version 2.19.66.
New bug in WhatsApp update deleting all photos from app for some users
New bug in WhatsApp update deleting all photos from app for some users
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If you find photos on WhatsApp vanishing from your mobile, it could be due to a bug in the messaging app. It has been found that this bug is present in WhatsApp version 2.19.66 and the ones reporting this appear to be using the beta version. Those beta users who had downloaded this version have encountered this issue of photos getting deleted. All photos in the app are deleted at once. The only saving grace is that you may still find the photos in your phone’s gallery under group chats.

The bug has come to light through tweets posted by users; the interesting part of this is that the update 2.19.66 can be overlooked by the users since it does not have anything important in it. WhatsApp says it has issued a patch to fix the bug and will no longer be an issue but some users are still reporting the deleting of photos.

Another issue being sporadically reported is that the profile image on WhatsApp. Some users even misunderstood this as if their friends had blocked them on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile WhatsApp has tried to set right an issue detected in the iOS devices, where an issue related to the Face ID being bypassed and allowed reading of chats without permission was reported. The solution found by WhatsApp is to introduce a separate lock within its app with Face ID or a passcode. This is being done to protect the privacy of WhatsApp users. Android users may get this feature on their devices too soon.

Meanwhile in a development related to WhatsApp, in the Indian context, users have been told to file their complaints with a screenshot of any offending message they receive to a designated email. This is being monitored by the Depart of Telecommunications. Though it is not clear what action the DoT proposes to take, they have asked for the telephone number of the person sending the offending messages.

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