news Friday, May 22, 2015 - 05:30
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was his usual straight-talking self at an event in Delhi on Thursday when he said that terrorists can be neutralised by terrorists. Parrikar’s response was triggered by a query which questioned the government’s reaction to an attack of the likes of the 26/11 strike or if a Parliament attack takes place. According to a DNA report, Parrikar said that “We have to neutralise terrorists through terrorists only. Why can't we do it? We should do it. Why does my soldier have to do it?” Parrikar is quoted as saying at an event organized by the India Today group in the capital. The former Goa CM added that if Pakistan plans anything against India, the government was willing to take “pro-active” measures. “I can only say that anyone trying to infiltrate will be neutralized”, said Parrikar. The minister said that terrorists cannot be lectured on Human Rights and the govt. would only try and ensure that civilian lives were not lost and that there was no “collateral damage”. Speaking with The Times of India, Parrikar has said that the army was going in for “targeted kills” against terrorists according to “clear-cut intelligence.” The report mentions that the army had registered a 30% drop in cross-border ceasefire violations and infiltration bids since 2014. “The situation is pretty much under control. Our proactive attitude is to identify terrorists and then effectively neutralise them,” Parrikar is quoted as saying.