Nazriya will come back when she gets the right film, I will stay home: Fahadh Faasil

In an interview, the actor spoke about falling in love with Nazriya, his career and more.
Nazriya will come back when she gets the right film, I will stay home: Fahadh Faasil
Nazriya will come back when she gets the right film, I will stay home: Fahadh Faasil
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Fahadh Faasil, one of Malayalam cinema's most sought after young actors, recently gave a radio interview which has gone viral on social media. 

Speaking to Club FM in Dubai - UAE, Fahadh opened up about his wife and popular actor Nazriya, his views on the Kiss of Love campaign, his career and more. 

On Take Off

His recent film Take Off is set in Iraq under the seige of the ISIS. Sharing his experiences of preparing for the role, Fahadh said that visiting the labour camps there was an eye-opener. 

“Whoever underestimates women should be sent to Alkoos labour camp at least for an evening. There, we can see the amount of strength and power needed to do so much work," he said. Fahadh also added that many women from across the world worked in these camps, trying to make ends meet. 

On falling in love with Nazriya

Talking about himself, Fahadh said that he was a lazy and disorganised person and that Nazriya was an amazing wife. 

"I have not looked at anyone the way I looked at her," he confessed. 

Recalling how the two of them got together, Fahadh said that his mother had always been fond of Nazriya and used to watch her TV shows. During the shoot of Bangalore Days, his mother encouraged Fahadh to interact more with Nazriya.

However, Fahadh says, it was Nazriya who proposed to him: "During Bangalore Days shooting, when we both were alone in a small room, she just rushed to me and asked whether I would marry her. She said that she'd take care of me for the rest of my life. No woman had ever said such a thing to me. She was very honest."

Fahadh added that Nazriya was very talkative and usually got her way at home because she was the only one who could be heard in a crowd.

Asked about his other love interests before marriage, Fahadh said, "Women fascinate me. I literally fell in love with all the women I met. But with Nazriya it was way more different."

On Kiss of Love

Fahadh Faasil's kiss with Remya Nambeesan in Chappa Kurishu had generated controversy at the time of the film's release. Asked about his views on the Kiss of Love campaign, Fahadh said, "A kiss is a beautiful gesture, it is a personal gift."

However, he made it clear that he was not comfortable with politicizing kissing and did not agree with the Kiss of Love campaign. 

"Neruda had said when a man and woman kiss, it is a revolution. It should not be a strike," he said. Fahadh added that politicians were not the last word and that he did not think kissing in cinema would be frowned upon by the audience.

On Nazriya's come-back to films

Fahadh said he'd changed his life for Nazriya: "I lived life on my own terms till 32. I have changed my life for her and her smile. But to be honest, it is she who has compromised a lot for me and my smile and I should mention that."

Asked why Nazriya was not acting any more, Fahadh said that everyone was asking him this question.

"I have not locked her up, when the right film happens, she will again appear on screen," he said. However, Fahadh is of the opinion that it wouldn't work if both of them were acting at the same time. 

"When she is acting, I will sit at home, I will run the home," he said.

Fahadh about Vinayakan's win at the State Awards

Fahadh said that he'd never expected to win the State Awards and that he wholly supported Vinakayan's win for Kammattipadam.

"Vinayakan could have played my role in Maheshinte Prathikaram. But ten Fahadh Faasils could not have played the role of Ganga in Kamattipadam," he said. 

Fahadh also shared that he'd been offered Dulquer's role in the film but that he'd rejected it because he was unfamiliar with Kochi before it became a developed city. 

"Vinayakan's acting comes from inside, it’s natural. He has never lived for publicity or fame, such an amazing actor," he commented. "I met Vinayakan first when I was in the 0th standard. Then, he was a fire dancer. Most of the styles that people employ now, I have seen in Vinayakan 10 years back. He is an actor who can achieve international acclaim."

On his career

Asked about his choice of films, Fahadh said, "I would like to act again in Chappa Kurishu, because it shows the dilemma of a man when his private moments are about to be made public. All of us go through that stage in our life."

Fahadh's other favourite is 22 Female Kottayam. He said, "I would like to do 22 Female Kottayam every year. The message of the movie was powerful - you should not test the patience of a woman."

He referred to his character in the film, Cyril, as a fool and said that he was not worthy of emulation. 

Speaking about acting in films made in other languages, Fahadh said, “I can work best only in movies which are made in the language in which I think.”

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