The roads between Mekhri Circle and BDA junction and also Cantonment and Mekhri Circle will be widened

Mysuru royals to part with 12 acres in Bengaluru palace grounds for road wideningBikashrd/Wikimedia commons
news Infrastructure Friday, November 25, 2016 - 09:40

The traffic-prone Mekhri circle and other parts of the city near it may now get a breather.

The Mysuru royal family has agreed to part with 12 acres of the Bengaluru palace grounds for a road widening project, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

The property will be transferred through the Transfer of Development Rights scheme (TDS), which will help with the widening of two prominent roads, the Minister for Bengaluru City Development, KJ George said on Thursday. 

In the Assembly, George stated that roads between BDA junction and Mekhri Circle, and Cantonment and Mekhi Circle would be under the purview for the widening project, the report said.

The project would require the acquisition of a part of the palace grounds and a part of another private property, as the Supreme Court, in an order dated November 11, 2016, had allowed the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to acquire land through the TDS scheme, the report said.

The minister had also said that the Karnataka High Court had issued directions for the widening of the Jayamahal road to check heavy snarls, while adding that a total of 15 acres is required for the road widening project, which the BBMP would acquire, the DC report said.

Under the TDR scheme, those who give up their land for road widening will get a TDR issued on the Development Rights Certificate (DRC). This is the build-up area awarded to the person who has parted with his land for the project, in addition to the original area surrendered.

This additional built up area can be extended to another plot or building in another part of the city or the TDR can be sold in the market.

In July, the BBMP had said that it was considering revising TDR rates as the current rates were very low and also because as many as 216 roads need to be widened in the city to check traffic congestion, according to a Times Of India report.

Although the civic body had taken up the road widening project in 2009, only a few road widening projects were carried out because of the opposition from residents. However, in 2012, BBMP was able to convince property owners to part with their land, the TDR formula did not work and the project go side-tracked, the report stated.