Mystery shrouds the death of a Kerala woman in the hospital she used to work for

Anju’s family has refused to accept that she killed herself.
Mystery shrouds the death of a Kerala woman in the hospital she used to work for
Mystery shrouds the death of a Kerala woman in the hospital she used to work for
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The death of a Kerala woman under mysterious circumstances at her former workplace recently, has raised many questions. 

On Tuesday, 23-year-old Anju, a resident of Nemom in Thiruvananthapuram was found lying in a pool of blood at the parking lot of SK Hospital in Edapazhanji. Anju had worked at the hospital as a laboratory assistant for two years from 2012 to 2014.

After battling for her life for two days, she succumbed to injuries on Thursday at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. Although the police first suspected it to be a case of suicide, Anju's family has refused to accept the possibility of suicide. 

Following Anju's death, a case of unnatural death was registered at the Poojapura police station and the police are now investigating the case. Though the police suspect that Anju had fallen from SK hospital building, they have not been able to find any evidence that points to this. 

Poojapura Sub-Inspector Rajesh told The News Minute that Anju's family has claimed that she would never commit suicide. 

Why did Anju go to her former workplace? 

Anju, who worked as laboratory assistant in another clinic in the city, used to make frequent visits to SK Hospital for the past few days, her family says. 

She had landed a job in the Middle East and had approached her former employer (hospital authorities) to get an experience certificate. However, according to her family, the hospital authorities denied her the certificate, which forced her to make multiple visits to the hospital. On Tuesday, Anju had made a similar visit. 

"Her family has rubbished the possibility of her committing suicide. They say that she had been really happy about getting a job abroad and was looking forward to join. They say that there was not sufficient reasons for her to even think about taking her own life," Poojapura Inspector Rajesh said. 

Absence of evidence 

Though it is speculated that Anju had a fall from the hospital building, police say that there are no eye-witnesses to the incident. They have so far been unable to get CCTV footage from the hospital to know whether Anju had gone inside the building that day. 

While her family claims that Anju had left home on Tuesday to go to SK hospital, the hospital authorities have denied this. 

"We are in the process of retrieving CCTV footage. However, there are no cameras in the section of the building where her body was found. We will be checking the CCTV from a few weeks ago to ascertain what happened when Anju previously went to the hospital. But hospital officials have claimed that their storage capacity of the CCTV is less and so retrieving older footage will not be possible. We are seeking advice from the cyber cell in this regard," the sub-inspector said. 

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