news Thursday, July 09, 2015 - 05:30
Recently, there has been much debate on the internet about the hijab, niqab and burqa. While many have branded these pieces of clothing as oppressive and patriarchal, others have underlined the fact that many women wear these out of their own choice.
Adding to the debate, The Guardian newspaper has uploaded a video of Hanna Yusuf, a student of French, at Queen Mary University of London, passionately speaking about the hijab.
"Its just a scarf that some women wear to cover part of their bodies... but for many this piece of clothing is the very epitomy of oppression," says Hanna in the video. She goes on to explain her statement saying that many women find empowerment in rejecting the idea that they can be reduced to their sexual allure. 
She however conceded that some women are forced to wear the hijab in parts of the world, even using appalling methids of violence, but we cannot belittle the choice of those who want to wear it.
Watch the video. She ends by saying, "What do I know, I am just a passive little Hijabi."
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