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The News Minute| November 22, 2014| 12.21 pm IST Feminism, social inequality, humour and vintage art make for a good mix for a webcomic, thought Aarthi Parthasarthy, an artist and film maker based in Bangalore. So she started making the webcomic, ‘Royal Exestentials’. Created only last month, this webcomic uses vintage and traditional Indian art like the Mughal style paintings and gives them the voice to speak out about the angst we Indians face. The voices express anguish brought about by feminism (or the lack of it), social inequality and much more that were probably faced in the 16th century and even now. “About 4-5 years ago, I came across David Malki's comic, Wondermark and loved it. I remember thinking then, 'Someone should do an Indian version!' When we set up Falana Dimka Films, Chaitanya and I decided that aside from work, we'd make time for fun personal projects. So a few months ago, while reading Wondermark again, the idea came back to me and I made one strip. And then decided to make it a weekly thing, as I've always wanted to make a webcomic” said Parthasarthy, a die-hard comic book enthusiast. The usage of classic Indian art helps contextualize the content to the Indian reader. “It's not just Mughal art, it's also Rajput, Kangra miniatures, and old Indian paintings. Basically Indian vintage imagery” said Parthasarthy. The humour is sarcastic and witty and hits the bull’s-eye when talking about the issues we face today. You can view all her comics at www.royalexestentials.com
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