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The News Minute | June 30, 2014 | 12.17 pm IST The blog post of a woman in Bangalore who was groped twice by the same person when she visited a pub along with her friends has been getting some attention. Her post has several people voicing support and verbally thrashing the one person who seems to what can be called, a half-feminist. Lets call the woman A. A for Anonymous, or for Anyone. So A visits a pub on Saturday with her friends and while they trying to arrange transport to get home, a man groped her behind. He came back, only to do it again.  When A protested, she and her friends were humiliated, first by the molester’s friend, then by the head waiter who politely asked the molester to pay his bill and leave, and then by the head of the management. A’s post received some attention by those who discovered it. Mostly, it was people voicing support and asking her not to give up, or even encouraging her to lodge a complaint with the police. One person, who said A had his “sympathies” for her “suffering”, nevertheless argued that she should not have been there in the first place.  This is what he said: “I am not here to support that fellow r taking light of yr agony. But my qsn is y shd we invite such trouble by visiting places such as pubs n bars where ppl tend to lose their senses after few shots. Ladies facing embarrassing situations in busses, trains malls etc deserves utmost condemnation. But still in Indian society visiting a pub r bar expecting a decent behaviour of men I am afraid u r expecting too much. Yr colleagues shd ve helped u in the present case. However my sympathies r wth u for yr suffering.” Other people responded very critically of him. The best one was: “A person in the comments section appears to believe that Agratha (and all other women) should not have been in this place at all. Since people like him are increasingly making it clear that it is unsafe for women in this country to be in 'certain places' at 'certain times', I would like to suggest that men (each and every one of them) stay within the confines of their homes and not visit places like pubs and bars. Also, they need not venture out during late hours. Do you find this suggestion acceptable Chada? If not, isn't it time you gave a thought to the way your mind works?” 
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