"But the Prime Minister made his demonetisation report seem like a loan mela announcement".

Modi seems to have given up agenda of black money Swaraj IndiaPTI/ Representational image
news Politics Monday, January 02, 2017 - 10:09
Written by  IANS

Swaraj India on Sunday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed to have given up the agenda of black money, and demanded he disclose how much illicit-held funds were recovered post-demonetisation and to whom did it belong.

The newly-set up party also accused the PM of not presenting any report on the facts, plans or proposals on countering black money while rehashing schemes already existing as new.

Swaraj India's chief spokesperson Anupam also demanded that Modi tell the people by when they will be able to withdraw their own savings from banks. 

"The most worrying part was that the PM seems to have given up the big agenda of 'war on black money' in his address to nation on 50 days of demonetisation," Anupam told IANS, adding that Modi's New Year's Eve speech reflected a lack of plan or proposal to check corruption, the real reason behind generation of black money.

"PM's speech had nothing about political funding, the mother of all corruption and black hole of black money. On November 8, PM said that he wanted to get rid of black money. But on December 31, the PM wants to get rid of the very agenda of black money which is very unfortunate," he said.

He said that black money was the real issue as announced earlier by Modi, but the Prime Minister made his demonetisation report seem "like a loan mela announcement".

The countrymen, who went through so much of pain in the name of national interest, want to know today how much black money has come through the exercise of demonetisation, he said.

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