Modi likes 'peeping in bathrooms', Google searching, says Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi's jibe come a day after Modi, mocked the Congress leader for being the "most joked about politician".
Modi likes 'peeping in bathrooms', Google searching, says Rahul Gandhi
Modi likes 'peeping in bathrooms', Google searching, says Rahul Gandhi
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In a strong attack, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was "fond of peeping into others' bathrooms" and Googling and was a "complete failure".

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who along with Gandhi launched the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance Common Minimum Programme in Lucknow too got into the act, and advised Modi against "getting emotional" or angry and said a walk on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway would compel even the Prime Minister to vote for the alliance. 

"The Prime Minister is fond of Google searching, peeping into others' bathrooms, and reading others horoscope. Let him do that in his free time but his main job is that of a Prime Minister in which he has been a cent per cent failure," Gandhi said at the joint media conference.

Gandhi's jibe came a day after Modi, while campaigning, mocked the Congress leader for being the "most joked about politician". He also warned the Congress saying he had Janam Patris (horoscope) or dossiers on each of them.

The Prime Minister had earlier attracted the wrath of the Congress for attacking his predecessor Manmohan Singh in Parliament, accusing him of "bathing wearing a raincoat". 

The duo accused Modi of "distracting people from his failures" through his fiery speeches and trying to hoodwink people.

"The country's biggest problem is lack of jobs. Modi promised two crore jobs but has not fulfilled even one per cent of his promise. Modi talks a lot about security, terrorism and surgical strikes."

"But the result is we have suffered most number of casualties in the last seven years. Over 90 of our security personnel have been killed," said Gandhi.

He was referring to the Indian Army's September 29, 2016, cross-LoC surgical strikes on terror launch pads. 

Targeting Modi, Akhilesh asked what he has given to Uttar Pradesh which elected 70 of the BJP's Lok Sabha members. 

"This is election, I don't think he should get emotional or angry. Instead of getting angry he should talk about the ground realities. As regards Janam Patri, anyone can have one at the touch of a button," he said. 

He said Modi needs to answer on burning issues like unemployment, farmer distress and security concerns.

"The people of UP gave the Prime Minister; the Home Minister (Rajnath Singh) is from the state, 70 of your Lok Sabha members are from here. But what have the people of the state got in return? They are still looking for the acche din (good days) promised by Modi," said Akhilesh. 

Batting for development work by his government, Akhilesh said: "I would ask the Prime Minister to walk on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway. Even he would be inclined to vote for the alliance". 

The two leaders also refused to give any significance to issues on seat sharing. 

"In 99 per cent of the seats, there is no problem. There may be some issues on 5-6 seats but that is insignificant. What is significant is the entire force of the Samajwadi Party and the Congress is fighting unitedly to transform UP.

"This is an alliance of two youngsters and a partnership of shared vision," said Gandhi echoing Akhilesh.

The duo claimed that Modi was "losing control over his mood and language" because he was unsettled by the coming together of the two young leaders and reports that the alliance might come to power.

"The Prime Minister is apprehensive of the Uttar Pradesh poll result. The result will give him a big shock, will put a question mark on his credibility. That is why he is saying such things," Gandhi added.

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