Meet Lucky, 2-month-old Kerala pup who was smashed into a wall but fought to live

Rescue officials at the Humane Society International, India, first thought of euthanising her but decided to give her a chance seeing her fighting spirit.
Meet Lucky, 2-month-old Kerala pup who was smashed into a wall but fought to live
Meet Lucky, 2-month-old Kerala pup who was smashed into a wall but fought to live

When a 2-month-old pup from the University of Calicut was brought for treatment on March 16, officials at the Humane Society of International, India (HSI) in Kozhikode didn’t think it would survive. The pup was allegedly picked up by its hind legs and smashed against a wall by a drunk security guard inside the campus on March 15. With this, it sustained severe damage to its nervous system.

“When the puppy was brought to us, its neck was bent back, it couldn’t walk and was continuously whimpering. We put it on medication for a few days but didn’t think it would survive,” Dr Shivendra Pratap Singh, vet and programme manager at HSI told TNM.

Though the HSI officials considered euthanising the pup, something about its will to survive made them change their mind and try out physiotherapy.

“The puppy wasn’t giving up and seeing that, we didn’t want to give up either. We tried different things. We heated oil and massaged it with turmeric. An X ray result revealed that it had no broken bones, but had severely damaged nerves,” he added. 

A week into physiotherapy, the officials saw visible differences in the pup.

“It is now able to stand up, wag its tail and eat on its own and is slowly regaining its co-ordination. Although a bit stiff in its front leg, it will completely recover in a few weeks. We will drop it back to the university when it does,” he added.

Impressed by its super quick recovery, officials at the HSI aptly named the puppy ‘Lucky’.

Motivated by rescued dogs

Sally Varma, Education Awareness Officer at HSI, told TNM that Lucky was surrounded by other rescued dogs at the centre in Nilambur where it is being treated.

“Our centre is like a daycare for dogs and is filled with tonnes of rescued dogs. Initially, Lucky would just lie down and watch the other dogs play. But after some time, the puppy was motivated to join them while they ran around. These dogs would even cheer the puppy up by falling and rolling over it,” Sally added.

Case filed in Kozhikode 

A case has been filed against Manoj K, who worked as a security guard in the Vice Chancellor's office, at the Thenipalam police station based on a complaint by the Calicut University Registrar. The case has been filed under IPC section 428 (mischief by killing or maiming animal of the value of Rs 10) and section 11(1) (a) - treating animals cruelly - of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act.

“We did not think that we could take action as cruelty against animals is not taken seriously by the Kerala police. But we got the help of Malappuram SP Prateesh Kumar who asked the Thenipalam SI to register an FIR against the accused,” Sally added. 

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