The advocates of the path-breaking method believe in empowering seeds through positive vibes.

Meditating with seeds How Modi govt plans to revolutionalise agriculture
news Friday, September 18, 2015 - 17:52

After Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Science, Vimana Shastra and gau-mutra chemistry, the government is now going for agriculture. Sustainable farming is passe, GM seeds are for the west. Organic farming is not glamorous enough. We have Yogic Farming.

Addressing a function attended by agricultural scientists and farmers, Minister of Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh said that the Centre had decided to support the idea of Yogic farming in the country.

“The idea behind Yogic farming is to empower the seeds with the help of positive thinking. We should enhance the potency of seeds by rays of parmatma shakti,” Singh told The Indian Express, adding that this would “help India become Vishwaguru” and “contribute in making India sone ki chidiya once again.”

Confused? Here is what yogic farming means

Simply put, the advocates of the method believe in empowering seeds through positivity. They say this will result in not only better produce, but will also help farmers in gaining self-confidence and tackle issues including climate change and global warming. 

“It is a way of combining mind and heart-based meditation practices along with traditional modes of organic farming,” Tamasin Ramsay, an environmental anthropologist, explained in a recent interview to

Ramsay spent five years as an NGO representative of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) to the United Nations. It is the mediation practice of the Brahma Kumaris’ which is being used in yogic farming.

How is this done?

“Seeds are placed in the BKWSU meditation centre where practised meditators focus thoughts of peace, non-violence, love, strength and resilience on the seeds for up to a month before sowing. Regular meditations are conducted remotely and in the fields with specific thought practices designed to support each phase of the crop growth cycle, from empowering seeds and seed germination, through sowing, irrigation and growth, to harvest and soil replenishment,” Ramsay wrote in a piece published in the Brahma Kumaris website.

Is a meditation room compulsory to meditate?

“A mediation room is similar to a prayer room. However, if a farmer does not have that facility, he or she can meditate in their field,” Sumant Kumar, who works in the Rural Development Wing of BKWSU, told the The News Minute.

How effective is it?

“The seeds already have biological energy and universal life present in them. The positive energy helps the plants grow,” he said adding that it might be difficult for some to believe in the method, but it is in fact backed by scientific research.

The organisation claims that studies conducted by agricultural scientists have shown that there is greater soil microbial population, significant improvement in germination and a higher calorific content in the yields grown through this method.

When asked if she was convinced by the effectiveness of the method, Ramsay said it was “hard not to be convinced.”

Kumar seems more optimistic. “The method is not a new one and can be applied to large scale agriculture as well. The Agriculture minister did not voice his support for yogic farming without any reason.”