Matching health with taste: Check out these egg-ziting dishes from the South

From egg dosa to nadan egg roast, it's all here!
Matching health with taste: Check out these egg-ziting dishes from the South
Matching health with taste: Check out these egg-ziting dishes from the South
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Eggs are among the purest sources of protein that there is. They provide us with choline, selenium and 11 other essential minerals and vitamins in addition to 6 g of protein. At under 100 calories per egg depending on the size, they’re the perfect food to begin the day.

But when you’re Indian, you need your dose of spice to jazz up the humble egg. Here is a collection of dishes from the south that elevate the egg to a whole other level.

Presenting eggs-periences on a plate!

Egg dosa

Which South Indian doesn’t like dosa? Well, no one in their right minds at least. Break open an egg on one side of the dosa and you have yourself a sumptuous, well-balanced breakfast that’ll give you more than just energy – satisfaction guaranteed! The crispiness of the dosa works great with the fried egg. Consider scrambling the egg for a twist too and add a generous serving of milagai podi (idli powder) on top. Egg-cellent indeed!

Mutta aviyal

Traditional to Kerala, this dish combines eggs with one of Kerala’s favourite vegetable stews – the aviyal. The coconut gravy-based stew combines beautifully with hardboiled eggs and is the perfect side to fluffy cooked white rice or aapam. 

Egg bhurji

Super popular street food, egg bhurji is now a regular feature in the everyday Indian kitchen. Scrambled eggs with an Indian twist make all the difference from the traditional version of the dish. With it’s masala, green chillies and pepper to spice it up, it’s far from lacking in flavour. Toss in other veggies like onion, tomatoes or even carrots to give it a more wholesome finish. 

Nargisi kofta

We’ve borrowed this dish from our love for Mughalai cuisine. And for something that tastes this good, it’s more a beg, borrow or steal approach, really. These are meatballs made of hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in a blanket of spiced keema and deep-fried and immersed into a tangy tomato-based gravy for culinary heaven. Legend even says that it is indeed this dish that inspired the British Scottish eggs. Eggs-agerated? Nope.

Egg kuzhambu

Another Tamil Nadu special, the egg kuzhambu is a feature on many non-vegetarian menus Chettinad or not. An aromatic blend of spices that is given a dash of tang through tamarind, the hard boiled eggs give it volume and body - this makes it a great marriage with rice or rotis. 

Egg lentil omelettes in gravy (Guddu thattu posinti)

Travel to Andhra with this brilliant dish. This one combines a ground lentil paste with eggs to make the omelettes – heavy and filling in its own right. To finish up, the omelette is dunked in a tamarind-based sauce that it soaks up. What’s better is that it does great refrigerated and leftovers if any, can be had for 3 days after its been prepared. 

Mangalorean egg curry

From the hills of Mangalore, comes this fabulous dish. The coconut, the home blend of spices that goes into flavouring the dish, the elaborate cooking method – all make it a phenomenal labour of love. And if its your thing, this dish could be had as is. Or pair it with rice. 

Egg kathi roll

Another street food that makes the list. And another delectable, delicious one at that. Having transcended borders, this dish has now weeded its way down south and is available at all Frankie kiosks and elsewhere. Make with leftover rotis for repurposing. The spice mix within can be a leftover subzi too! Scramble some eggs with it, spread over a heated roti and roll away. 

Nadan egg roast

What sets this recipe apart from the other egg gravies and curries? The fact that you’re going to roast the skin off the eggs is what! With it’s roasted flavour, imbibed spices, unique blend of flavours, this dish from Kerala will blow your socks away. 

Egg halwa

No list on Indian food is complete without a dessert. And so what if the star of the day is eggs? Seriously, you probably think this is going a bit too far. But when you actually eat it, you won’t even notice. It is painstaking no doubt, involves a bit of arm workout from stirring, but the results are a pay off. With no eggy smell, no giveaways, this is the perfect sign-off to this intr-egg-ing collection!

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