Over the last two weeks, residents living near the Alfa Serene apartment complex, complained of cracks developing on the walls of their houses due to the preparatory works for demolition.

news Maradu apartments Friday, December 06, 2019 - 16:02

Ernakulam Sub-Collector Snehil Kumar Singh denied speculation that there will be a halt to demolition of the four apartment complexes in Maradu, and confirmed that the works will continue as planned. Speculations that the demolition will be called off comes after some houses near the apartment complexes developed cracks during preparatory works of demolition. 

Speaking to TNM, Sub-Collector Snehil Kumar Singh said the demolition will be carried out as planned. “We have not stopped the preparatory works nor are there any plans to call it off. But considering the cracks developed on nearby houses, we are considering to cancel the contract of one of the contracting companies which is undertaking the demolition works,” said Snehil Kumar Singh.

The preparatory works for demolition of the four apartment complexes in Kochi, which began in October, had caused some cracks in houses nearby. For the past two weeks, residents near the Alfa Serene apartment complex, have been raising complaints that cracks had developed on the walls of their houses, compound walls and staircases.

After conducting multiple meetings with the affected residents and conducting inspections, Ernakulam Sub-Collector Snehil Kumar Singh, who is in charge of monitoring the works, said that contracting companies will be changed if the problem continues to persist.

“I had conducted multiple site visits and meetings with the neighbouring residents. The problem which we found with the Vijay Steels which is in charge of Alfa Serene’s demolition, they had been using heavy machinery for the preparatory works for demolition. The technical committee should have given specific directions earlier itself that such machinery should not be used,” Snehil Kumar Singh told TNM.

The Sub-Collector also said that they are only considering whether it will be necessary to change the dates of demolition in case preparatory works do not get over by the prescribed dates.

The four apartment complexes in Maradu - Alfa Serene, Golden Kayaloram, H2O Holy Faith and Jains Coral Cove – were built violating the Coastal Regulation Zone norms and will be demolished on January 11 and 12, following a Supreme Court order.

The twin towers of Alfa Serene is being prepared for demolition by Tamil Nadu-based company Vijay Steels and Explosives, while the other buildings by Mumbai based Edifice Engineering. The companies are at present engaged in pulling of the walls of the high rises. It will be after demolishing walls of apartments manually, that the whole building will be demolished through controlled implosion.

Meanwhile, despite the official assurance that damages incurred to the nearby houses will be compensated, the house owners are still apprehensive about it. 

“We have spoken to the Sub-Collector and other officials multiple times over the past few weeks. It is only now that the officials have started to say they will change contractor if necessary. Though they have said that compensation will be given for us through insurance scheme, we are apprehensive about the value that they have fixed,” said Harichandra Sai, one of the house owners near Alfa Serene apartment. 

The staircase of Harichandra’s house had developed a major crack last week when the workers pulled down swimming pool of Alfa Serene apartment. 

“After a lot of negotiation, the officials have agreed that they will give compensation as per present market value. But we have demanded that they should publish the exact amounts to public before signing memorandum with insurance company,” said Harichandra.


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