A case has been booked against the passenger and he was detained.

Man hides six gold bars in his rectum gets caught at Hyderabad airportImage for representation
news Crime Monday, January 16, 2017 - 09:02

Custom officials at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) at Hyderabad seized gold biscuits on Sunday weighing over a kilogram from a passenger who concealed the bars in his rectum.

The official recovered 1.19 kg gold from the passenger, when he tried to walk out through the green channel concealing six gold biscuits.
The gold, which was seized, was valued at Rs 34.46 lakh in the international bullion market.

The passenger was said to have come to the city from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by an Air India flight.

However, despite the passenger not carrying anything dutiable, officials found something suspicious about him, while walking out through the green channel.

“The passenger was uneasy while walking and was nervous,” an official told Deccan Chronicle.

The custom officials decided to check him and found that he had inserted the bars into his body in the aircraft’s washroom minutes before he disembarked. He reportedly planned to take them out as soon as he got out of the airport.

A case has been booked against the passenger and he was detained.

In December, a similar case came to light, when two passengers tried to smuggle 1.25kgs of gold bars by hiding them in a secret pocket inside their undergarments but were arrested. "The passengers had concealed broken pieces of gold biscuits in a custom-made secret pocket in their underwear,” a customs official had told Times of India at the time.


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