The prime accused Pulsar Suni had reportedly mentioned an office in Kakkanad in a letter to Dileep.

Malayalam actor abduction Police raid Laksyah office owned by Kavya Madhavan Dileeps wife
news Raid Saturday, July 01, 2017 - 15:14

The police investigation into the alleged involvement of actor Dileep in the abduction and reported sexual assault of a prominent woman actor is still ongoing. 

On Friday, the police conducted a raid on the office premises of a clothing store owned by actor Kavya Madhavan who is also Dileep's wife. The two of them got married in November 2016. The office is located in Mavelipuram in Kakkanad, Kochi.

According to sources, the raid began at 11 am and ended by 2 pm. A team led by a circle inspector of the investigating team probing the abduction and alleged sexual assault case conducted the raid in utmost secrecy, and it came to light only on Saturday.

It is reported that the data stored in the computers and other documents at the store were examined.

Sources say that the premises of the e-commerce business, Laksyah, which was started in June 2015 by Kavya, came under the scrutiny of the police because Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the sexual assault case, had mentioned a shop in Kakkanad in a letter that he had allegedly sent to Dileep.

In the letter, Suni had reportedly said that he had visited the Kakkanad office twice. After the survivor complained to the police, Suni went absconding and was later arrested.

The police are believed to have conducted the raid on Laksyah under the suspicion that this was the office that Suni had referred to.

The police have also questioned advocate Pheney Balakrishnan who has claimed that two persons had approached him for securing bail for Suni. Pheney had reportedly mentioned that one of the two persons had referred to a certain "madam" during the conversation.  

On Wednesday, Dileep and director Nadirshah were questioned for over 13 hours by the police. While Dileep maintained that the interrogation was regarding the complaint he had given about Pulsar Suni allegedly blackmailing him, the police confirmed to the media that he had been taken in for questioning regarding his alleged involvement in the abduction and assault case.

Meanwhile, AMMA, the Association of Malayalam  Movie Artists, has been on the defensive, claiming that they will stand united to protect both their "children" (the survivor and Dileep).