Making films is one of the biggest drugs: Tisca Chopra

"It gives such a high."
Making films is one of the biggest drugs: Tisca Chopra
Making films is one of the biggest drugs: Tisca Chopra
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By Natalia Ningthoujam

Actress Tisca Chopra felt an adrenaline rush while making her maiden production "Chutney". She says making a film is one of the biggest drugs possible.

The Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films' project released on the digital platform earlier this week and was viewed five million times in less than 48 hours. 

Talking about the short film, which was mostly shot in old Delhi and Gurugram, Tisca told IANS over phone from Mumbai: "I felt that adrenaline rush. Now I understand what people used to say in the old days that so and so producer spent all his money on making a film. 

"I used to wonder why would anyone risk his or her house for a film. I realise making a film is one of the biggest drugs possible. It gives such a high."

Working on the project was "very exciting and exhilarating" for her as she was "quite stretched". 

"I was trying to do everything at the same time. It's a great place to keep perfecting one's skill."

In fact, she calls it one of the best experiences of her life. 

"I would really like to do it again. It's liberating to do something in 15 minutes. Tell your tale and get out of there. When you push yourself in a new area and it's quite extreme in that sense. It's like an adventure. It's like I bungee jumped," said Tisca, who even acted in the short that also stars Adil Hussain. 

As of now, she is riding high on the success of "Chutney", which peeps into the seemingly moral world of the Indian middle class with its new aspirations of imported cars and organic food.

"I used to perform this particular piece on the stage as an actor. It's been there in my head for about 15-16 years. And I am very familiar with the matter. Jyothi Kapoor Das has directed it. We wrote about 10 to 12 drafts because as an actor, I find that people don't focus enough on writing," she said.

"They are very eager to shoot, but not eager to put in the hard work that is needed before."

So, what's the original source?

"It's a play. I don't want to take the name as it has become its own piece now. It's no longer similar to what it was. I checked with them (the original source). I said that I would love to give credit to the writer, but they didn't want it as changes had been made," said Tisca.

But why this subject?

"I love satire. I love the fact that people are not aware that they are criticising somebody else for something and they themselves are guilty of the same thing." 

"Writing should be such that five to six things are going on, and it's very intricately woven."

Any plans for directing films?

"I don't know... But never say never," she signed off.

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