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The News Minute | September 24, 2014 | 05:07 pm IST London: A research conducted on the occasion of National Eye Health Week has revealed that women tend to use eye make-up products beyond their expiry dates. The research, which was carried by eye hospital group Optegra, reveals that 70 percent of British women use over a year old mascara, while the use-by date is just four months. It also said that and one-in-five don’t even realise there is a recommended use-by date on make-up products. Out of date eye shadow, eye liner and especially mascara, which is a dark, wet product, can be breeding grounds for bacteria and, as one apply them so close to the surface of the eye, they may cause painful infections, reports femalefirst.co.uk. Anna Maino, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra, says: “We are urging women to check their make-up bags this week - out with the old and in with the new! Do your eyes a favour - get rid of anything out of date and especially if it has developed a strange smell.” “Women rely on make-up day in day out and it is worrying that so many of us are using old eye products, well past the use-by date, sometimes even 10 years out of date! Look out for the small open jar symbol with a number next to it which signifies how many months it should be used for once opened. "Wear your eye make-up proudly but remember to thoroughly remove it in the evening. Leftover make-up may cause chronic eye irritation. Use National Eye Health Week as a great reason to treat yourself, and your eyes, to some fresh make-up with no risk of infection,” added Maino. To avoid any infections, get into good make-up hygiene habits by sharpening eye pencils between applications, washing brushes regularly and turning out old make-up. The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) -- one of the Britain's cosmetic trade association -- states that cosmetic products must show a "period after opening" time, capturing the amount of time that the product will remain in good condition after it has been used for the first time. A symbol of an open cream jar is usually used instead of words, and the time in months can be inside the symbol or alongside it. Time period after which some of the make-up products should be discarded is as follows:- Mascara and liquid eyeliner: Discard after four months- Liquid foundation and creamy eye shadow: Discard after six months- Powder eye shadow: 12 months- Pencil eyeliner, lip liner, powder blusher/bronzer: Can last up to two years, but don’t share! If your eyes become itchy, red, painful, watery or swollen, you may have an infection so do visit your optician. With IANS 
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