Looking for strategy gaming on your phone? Here are five android games worth trying

These games are free to download but may have in-app purchases.
Looking for strategy gaming on your phone? Here are five android games worth trying
Looking for strategy gaming on your phone? Here are five android games worth trying
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For all those looking for a great gaming experience on your android devices, here are five games you can try out. These have received thumbs up from many professional gamers and you should be able to find them interesting too.


This is a typical strategy game where you are expected to keep adding to your fleet of submarines and each game lasts up to a week. It is a real-time game where you will be required to create outposts and defense mechanisms so that other players don’t attack your vessels when you are not in the game. It is a single-player game and can be tough to play. And the success in ‘Subterfuge’ comes from generating ‘Neptunium’, a resource you can find from within the game.

Clash Royale

This game is the successor of Clash of Clans. In this combat game, the aim is to capture the opponent’s towers by destroying their troops. It is a one-on-one game and can be quite absorbing. You can pick your opponent from anywhere in the world and start fighting. Clearly, your skills and strategy will be tested in Clash Royale.

The Battle of Polytopia

Among the free Android games available, this a favourite among many because of the challenges it offers while fighting your way through the different tribes and winning them over. Of course, you get to choose how many opponents you wish to fight against and the level of difficulty, so that the game becomes even more immersive. The game starts with you being one of the tribes and with some handicaps like being covered in ice. You start getting over these and start gaining the skills required to keep advancing in the game. The game also offers some additional thrills in the form of modes such as Classic and Domination. You win in The Battle of Polytopia if you score the higher points on the Classic mode or if yours is the last tribe standing if you had chosen the Domination mode.

War Robots

If you are the kind that has reservations about shooting and killing characters in a game, you could try this free game. Naturally, there are robots that end up shooting at each other and have fun. You get to make different choices, in terms of the weaponry deployed and so on. This is game does not offer a single player mode, though.


If you understand Chemistry and love virtual action with some of such elements, then you would definitely enjoy this game Atomas. It’s like a puzzle game in which you could start with one element, say, Hydrogen and keep pressing the plus and minus signs to arrive at some compound like Helium or Lithium and so on. If your interest is genuine you can end up producing virtual metals like silver and gold.

While all these games are free to download, there may be in-app purchases to spruce up your resources and get ahead faster in the game, but they are not mandatory.

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