London just welcomed its first cereal cafe

London just welcomed its first cereal cafe
London just welcomed its first cereal cafe
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The News Minute| December 12, 2014| 4.26 pm IST

Cereal, the most common breakfast food for most people, has now got its own specialty cafe in London. Called the 'Cereal Killer Cafe', it opened its doors to customers on Wednesday, offering over 130 different kinds of cereals sourced from all over the world. The cafe is also offers over 120 different kinds of milk to go with their vast arsenal of cereals along with 20 different kinds of toppings. 

(Image: Vintage Barbie cereal. Source: cereal killers cafe Facebook page)

Started by twin brothers Gary and Alan Keery, the store caters to customers from 7 am in the morning to 10 pm at night, whenever they get the craving for cereal. The store not only serves normal cereal but vintage, collector's item cereals which are very rare to find, and are sourced over the internet from auctioning sites like E-bay. But the brothers say, however rare the cereal, the price of all cereals is the same. 

(Image: Cereal sourced from all around the world. Source: Cereal Killers Cafe Facebook page)

The store also acts like a time capsule, stocked with cereal related paraphernalia from the 80's and 90's. Its goal? To make people feel like their kids again, eating their favourite cereal. The store also features cereal art, made by the brothers and other artists which is up for sale. 

The store has already received a very positive response, seeing hundreds of customers a day. 

(Image: Over 130 kinds of cereals are available at the cafe. Source: Cereal Killers Cafe Facebook page)

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