‘Lockdown is inevitable’: HD Kumaraswamy reacts to mounting cases in Karnataka

The former chief minister’s reaction comes after the state government announced a week-long lockdown in Bengaluru beginning Tuesday night.
‘Lockdown is inevitable’: HD Kumaraswamy reacts to mounting cases in Karnataka
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Former Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy has reacted to the state government’s new lockdown announcement from Tuesday, June 14 for seven days in Bengaluru urban and rural districts. 

In an audio clip, Kumaraswamy states, “The graph of coronavirus cases has been increasing over the last 15-20 days, and the government has become afraid and decided by themselves that they want a lockdown. I have been telling the government that there needs to be a lockdown for the past fifteen days.”

Kumaraswamy said that implementing a lockdown is unavoidable. “The lockdown is inevitable, but we can’t say if it will control the rising number of cases. The government has had several lapses.”


Kumaraswamy also criticised the testing protocol in the state. 

“There is a delay in testing even after people pay Rs 5,000 to 6,000 for tests. Some people are waiting for up to 10 days for a result, and are running around and spreading the disease,” Kumaraswamy said. “Instead, the government should immediately begin using the antigen tests, which give results in 30 minutes. Using the information, the government should start treatment on the same day and not allow the person to spread the disease further.”

Kumaraswamy also said that the government should halt inter-district travel. “I have told this time nd again, that the government should stop inter-district travel. Bengaluru is overtaking Mumbai and Gujarat [in positive cases]. The government was serious about arranging facilities initially and now they seem to be taking it lightly, which is why we are in this position now,” he said. 

Incentives for doctors

The former chief minister also noted that there should be increased incentives for doctors and nursing staff. “If they get incentives for the next five months, it shouldn’t be a major problem for the government. See, when we were in power we had taken clearances for a Rs 28 crore temple facility in Tirupati. This government has extended it to Rs 200 crores and are giving it to a private company. The government should stop this and immediately use that money for medical facilities.”

“Give higher salaries for doctors, nurses and (Corona) warriors. We should encourage them and give them security, with higher salaries. Otherwise, they will not get doctors to provide treatment. Private doctors feel threatened with cutting off of electricity and water connections. They don’t want to work. The government should take the doctors into confidence and encourage them instead of threatening action,” he added.

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