LG bets big on its next flagship G6 with a large display and Google Assistant

Is it worth the wait?
LG bets big on its next flagship G6 with a large display and Google Assistant
LG bets big on its next flagship G6 with a large display and Google Assistant
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It must be conceded that LG has always been in the shadows in the mobile phone segment, even as its South Korean counterpart, Samsung has been way ahead. Whatever be the reason, LG’s products have not lacked the edge in terms of technology and performance. The latest offering from LG is LG G6, announced in February and will soon be available in the stores in the US to start with. Indian customers can hope to see the phone being sold in the country in the near future. This piece tries to look at the specs and features of the phone.

Large display, but compact enough to fit into your hands

The LG G6 comes with a 5.7-inch display, with a body-to-screen ratio of 80%; the bezel has been reduced, but not done away with completely. The display, aided by a Quad HD and a resolution of 2880x1440 offering a decent 564 ppi density, is definitely commendable. The body is all metal and glass with Corning Gorilla Glass on both the main screen as well as the rear. The access key at the rear has the fingerprint ID built into it. Even the most discerning customers should have very little to complain about, so far. According to LG, the LG G6 is being touted as the phone with “The Big Screen that Fits in Your Hand”

A sufficiently stacked up powertrain

The LG G6 comes with a quad-core processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 delivering 2.35 GHz. The operating system, naturally, is the latest Android Nougat and LG’s in-house UX 6.0 is also present to do its part. The battery is non-removable with a power of 3300 mAh and the company has gone out of its way to assure the customers that the battery is absolutely safe. LG states that there are additional features to dissipate the heat and to bring down the temperature of the device. The LG G6 has also been provided with special dust and water resistant capabilities and IP 68 rating obtained.

Not much of a change on the camera front

LG G6 does not have any major changes from the previous version, G5. The same dual camera setup in the rear with 13MP rating and a wide angled and normal angled lens and a 5MP camera in the front with a slightly less wide angle (125 degrees in the rear and 100 in the front) is fitted on the LG G6 as well. The LG G6 is also capable of recording full HD resolution 4K videos at 3840x2160.     

Google Assistant could be a plus

Google has offered its virtual assistant to a phone beyond its own range of phones in the Google-Pixel models. The virtual assistant helps with providing instant responses on practically everything you will need, beginning with the weather and traffic to controlling your music preferences and playing sequences.

In addition to all these, the LG G6 can also be coupled with LG’s proprietary LG TONE FREE wireless ear buds with a neckband which is an accessory.

The company is yet to reveal the pricing of the product even in the US; hopefully, it should happen in the days to follow.  

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