Leapling birthdays: What's it like to be born on February 29

People who spoke to TNM had several quirky stories to tell.
Leapling birthdays: What's it like to be born on February 29
Leapling birthdays: What's it like to be born on February 29
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Depending on what age you are, birthdays could mean different things. But for people born on February 29 – time can get very tricky. For instance, your kids can tell you, the parent, that you are younger than them. They can count, you see.

This sort of time calculation for people born on February 29 is actually quite common. People who spoke to The News Minute had these and more quirky stories to tell - about once-in-four-year jokes, compensatory birthdays vs real birthdays, extra-fun parties and other stuff. Check them out:

Anay Pathak (32), IT Consultant in Delhi

It feels very special. Since you have your birthday every four years, you celebrate like a king. I also get to be a kid always. Technically, this will be my eighth birthday. 

The day I was born also happened to be Shivratri. So now I celebrate Shivratri too on my birthdays. 

When I was a kid, I never felt sad that I had birthdays once every four years whereas my friends had theirs’ every year. That's because I got to celebrate mine on two days, i.e. February 28 and March 1, in the non-leap years. And this still continues. 

Nolan Pinto (32), Anchor/Correspondent with News9 in Bengaluru

This year I am turning eight. I feel I am lucky. 

My parents have always celebrated my birthday (falling on non-leap years) on March 1 and they made it a huge thing. 

But now, on February 29, I feel quite nice. I feel like "It's my birthday". 

Janani (24), Account Strategist in Hyderabad

It is a cool thing. It is easier for others to remember your birthday. 

In non-leap years, I usually celebrate my birthday on the day closer to the weekend, i.e. February 28 or March 1, depending on whichever is closer to the weekend. 

As a child I was a dumb kid. So I didn't really know the difference. Whenever my parents got me a birthday cake, we celebrated. 

Yes, birthdays in leap years are bigger than the other years. 

Vikas C (32), works with BESCOM in Bengaluru

Having been born on February 29 makes me feel special. I only celebrate my birthday on leap years, which is just once every four years. 

Priya Dhilip (40), Homemaker in Bengaluru

I've got twins who are now 12-years-old each. So at times when I scold them, they ask me not to do so because they are 12 and I am younger to them as I am turning just 10. 

Personally, I think being born on February 29, a leap year, has been a big loss. You don't have birthday frequently after all.  

When I was a child, I used to get my gifts only on March 1 instead of my birth date on non-leap years. Now, I think of it more in terms of it being an exception.

Sharmila Moyyeti (28), homemaker in US (hails from Visakhapatnam)

It is a special thing for me. And that I get to celebrate my birthday every four years makes it an exception. 

I am celebrating my seventh birthday this year. Have never felt bad because my parents made sure to always celebrate my birthday on February 28 in the non-leap years.

Abhishek Anand Mallik (28);  Assistant Director of Photography, The Viral Fever

It's always special to be the one who is born on February 29. Even God has taken his time to bring us on earth. People say that birthdays come once every year. But I celebrate twice a year- February 28 and March 1.

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