Students say that the VC's return was planned to precision knowing well that there will be opposition to it.

Leaked How Hyderabad Unis establishment planned every single detail of VCs returnAppa Rao in his office after his return.
news HCU Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 07:38

On Tuesday morning, an email sent to everyone in the campus by the office of the Vice-Chancellor of University of Hyderabad announcing his return set alarm bells ringing in the protest movement seeking justice for Rohith Vemula. Since his death, the students had been continuing their peaceful protest, seeking action against the VC. But the news that Appa Rao Podile was back set the protesting students on instant rage.

Documents, in the form of ‘task-sheets’, which are now doing the rounds in the University campus however show that the VC’s return itself was a well-planned affair. These documents were leaked to the Joint Action Committee-Justice for Rohith Vemula.

“We believe that these instructions were given by the VC and hsi supporters, and they had meticulously planned the whole event knowing well that there will be a backlash,” says S Munna, member of the JAC.

The tasks on these sheets lay out to the smallest details as to how faculty members should act, starting from holding meetings to arranging milk and water.

In a list of tasks for one Krishna Ram, who is said to be the PA to the VC, his duty for the day from the morning is laid out, from picking up particular professors to sending emails and uploading the announcement about the VC’s return in the campus. See the entire list below.


There was also a list of tasks for the faculty members, which included senior members and deans, who were supporting the VC.

Six faculty members were to meet the VC at the Gachibowli Stadium at 8PM before entering the campus along with him.

Some were also given charge for seeking security help in case there was any “law and order” problem. The task sheet talks about coordination with “like-minded faculty”.

Some student supporters of the VC were also mobilized to support the VC.


Further, there is also a list with “tasks for Appa Rao”, which shows how the sequence of event leading up to the VC’s return started the previous night.

The press releases were prepared on the night of March 21.

Professors were to be waken up as early as 5 30AM on Monday morning and given tasks and explained their role for the day.

Here too, there were concerns of law and order problems and “police matters” is referred to. Some help from students too is sought.


“This clearly shows that what happened was pre-planned,” says Sunkanna, one of the students who has been suspended. Sunkanna also said that the vandalism was also planned and expected.

Following the ransacking of the VC’s office, members of the JAC said that it was not them who indulged in violence but student supporters of the VC and members of the ABVP who were asked to assemble there earlier.

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