LDF promises women washing machine, fridge and grinder at subsidised rate

"The goal is to lighten the household chores for women," said the LDF manifesto.
Women working
Women working
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The ruling coalition in Kerala, the Left Democratic Front, has announced a slew of schemes and measures for women, including female homemakers, as well as for the transgender community. In its manifesto, the LDF promises to provide washing machines, grinders and refrigerators to all households in the state, if it wins the 2021 Kerala Assembly Election. "The goal is to lighten the household chores for women," said the manifesto.

However, these appliances will be not free but can be availed in instalment through the scheme called the 'smart kitchen project'. Through this scheme, the manifesto proposed to start Smart Kitchen Chits via the Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE), in which Beneficiaries can pay for the home appliance package in instalments over a period of a few years. It added that one-third of the interest will be shared by the beneficiary, the local body and the state government.

The LDF has also promised to enable more women into the job market and ensure the upliftment of the transgender community in Kerala.

The highlights

> In 2016, women's participation in the workforce was offered to raise to 18%; now it is 20%. To reduce unemployment among women, work participation will be increased to 50%.

>  To reduce the gender gap, the LDF manifesto promises to focus on skills training for women. Also, it promises women-friendly training centres.

> The manifesto also proposes to ensure restrooms in high schools across Kerala

> It will also ensure gender mentioning in textbooks are politically correct.

> If it wins the elections, LDF said it will offer training for women in nursing and home nursing as there are opportunities across the world in view of the COVID-19 situation.

> The LDF promises to extend gender parks, women-friendly public places to more regions in Kerala.

> It has promised to increase loans through Kudumbasree Mission.

> The LDF said it has plans and projects to reduce crime against women.

> The LDF manifesto talks about a policy for the transgender community, for the upliftment of its members. Loans for the transgender community with interest subsidies for self-employment, short-stay homes for transgender persons, loans for their studies and house will also be provided.

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