According to the complaints lodged in California, thousands of owners have experienced various types of failures with the butterfly keyboard.

Lawsuit filed against Apple over faulty butterfly keyboards in MacBooks
Atom Tech Shorts Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 08:57

It appears tech giant Apple is in trouble over the quality of keyboards in its MacBooks. In fact, a class-action suit has already been filed against the company on this account.

The keyboard, termed ‘butterfly’ in trade parlance is said to be dust prone and users find that even the smallest dust particle can deposit below the keys and that leads to the particular key not functioning. It is also claimed that the user does not have the option to change the individual key and the cost of replacing the entire keyboard is prohibitive.

The actual complaint is that Apple has knowingly supplied this keyboard and should compensate the users by refunding the cost they have incurred in repair of the keyboards and to withdraw the devices to save the future customers from being troubled with the same issue.

Apple had introduced these keyboards in its MacBook and MacBook Pro models around 3 years back and till then the keyboard used was known as the scissor-type keyboard. The company claims the ‘butterfly’ keyboards are more responsive and robust than the other type and that is the reason it decided on the switch then.

The lawsuit filed in a court in California by two individual users of MacBook, claims there are thousands like them who have suffered due to the design defect of the keyboard. And among the difficulties faced are the need to carryout tasks as directed by the company’s customer service department, which include using compressed air to be used to blow away the dirt and to carry the defective MacBook to the authorized repair shop. These remedies are either not feasible for the user or very expensive for them for which the company must be held responsible.

The real issue in the Court would be the question, did Apple know that its keyboards were dust-prone and if yes why it failed to keep the customers informed. And experts are quick to point out that Apple cannot escape here as it has filed for a patent in 2016 for a ‘dust-free butterfly keyboard’, a sure way of admitting that it knew the problem existed. There has been no response from Apple to the class-action suit so far.

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