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The News Minute | September 11, 2014 | 08:39 am IST After Kiran Bedi became India's first woman IPS officer, over the years many other women continue to successfully don on the role of IPS officers across the country. Are we proud of them? Hell yea!  So do we keep track of every police officer, of the higher ranks usually, posted in our city? Would we be interested in who the new ACP of our city is under normal circumstances? Highly unlikely, unless of course she is a 'gorgeous' woman.  Because for women who clear the prestigious civil service examination, some seem to believe that the process is nothing short of a beauty pageant .  Read- Merin Joseph IPS deletes her Facebook account, many fan pages open in her name and use her pictures Kochi pazhaya Kochiyalla, a group on Facebook, on September 9 uploaded a picture of a woman named Merin Joseph; a line in the photograph reads 'New ACP of KOCHI'. The post further asks 'Merin Joseph IPS - How many likes for our new ACP of Kochi?' Post by Kochi pazhaya Kochiyalla. As of on Thursday morning, the post has got 10,907 likes and 507 people have shared it.  People have commented by the scores, many congratulating the officer and admiring the spirit of women. However, there are also those, mostly men, who are awestruck by the woman's beauty and would just like to get arrested asap! 'Arrest me' 'arrest me officer!!' 'Arrest me MJ IPS.' 'ACP looks cute' 'Gorgeous ACP' 'Pretty woman' 'Tomorrow onwards I should start robbing' 'I don’t mind if she hits me twice' 'Now I wish one day the police would catch me' 'Wow ...India is becoming beautiful' There is nothing wrong to praise a woman for her looks, but in this particular case shouldn't her achievement have taken front seat? But in this case the attention seems to be mostly because of her 'beauty' quotient, and not because she is said to be an ACP, a respected and coveted position indeed. We could go on and on about how sexism is still ingrained in a part of our society, but the post by Kochi pazhaya Kochiyalla turns out to be false. Seems they never bothered fact-checking. Because a pretty face can make up for all inaccuracies, you see.  The woman is indeed Merin Joseph. But she isn't the ACP of Kochi. She is an IPS officer in training, currently in Hyderabad. Joseph put out a post on Wednesday night in an attempt to debunk all the rumours floating about her.  Post by Merin Joseph. Read The Hindu's report on Merin: Inspiring role model Some read her post and passed on the truth. However, there were others including Kochi pazhaya Kochiyalla, who were not really interested in hearing any other version but their own; even if the person whom their post is about tried clearing the air. Because spreading false information, that too regarding a police officer is so cool.  Even after someone put up a screenshot of Merin Joseph's statement in the comment box, people mostly ignored it. This also raises concerns about how we choose to believe what we want to believe, rather than what truly is. Also, as long as we see our men officers in uniform as Singham and women officers in the form of his frail lady love, such episodes are unlikely to bother us. 
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