Kumaraswamy's call for people's revolt against BJP sparks war of words

Seriousness is expected from a person of your age, Kumaraswamy told BS Yeddyurappa.
Kumaraswamy's call for people's revolt against BJP sparks war of words
Kumaraswamy's call for people's revolt against BJP sparks war of words
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HD Kumaraswamy's call for revolt against the BJP has sparked a war of words with the BJP set to approach Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala over the issue today.

The BJP is seeking the intervention of the Governor claiming that a call for a rebellion threatens law and order in the state. BJP leaders have also claimed that Kumaraswamy should be booked for sedition.

The drama was triggered when speaking at an event in Udaygiri, Kumaraswamy said, "The BJP has been desperately trying to topple the government. If this continues, I will urge people to revolt against BJP in this holy land of Hassan.

In addition to that Kumaraswamy also made personal remarks against BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa. "Mind you, you are sitting in a glass house. Exercise restraint while talking. Seriousness is expected from a person of your age. This is my sane advice," HD Kumaraswamy said.  

His remarks against the leader of the opposition intensified after Kumaraswamy visited an ailing Power Minister DK Shivakumar in the hospital. "Earlier, when he was Chief Minister, Yeddyurappa said he would not rest till he had destroyed the ‘father and sons’ (Deve Gowda and family) and sent them to jail. But everyone knows what happened next. Now, he is again talking about sending Mr Shivakumar to jail in a day or two. Let’s see who goes to jail. If they think they can misuse their power, I too am powerful and know what to do,'' he warned.

He added, “Mr Yeddyurappa says the ‘father and sons’ are looting the state. But who is the biggest looter of the state? What is the mess they have created in the Dr Shivaram Karanth layout? Everything will come out one by one and as Chief Minister, I will take that decision," he added.

In response, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa retorted that Kumaraswamy was engaging in vendetta politics. "As a former Chief Minister and the state president of a national party, I know my limits. It is you who crossed the lines of decency while speaking. Why are you silent till now on Congress leader A Manju's allegations that your family illegally grabbed government land? What is your reply?" Yeddyurappa lashed out.
The party's state unit is approaching the Governor at 4 pm on Friday seeking an intervention against the Chief Minister. A delegation of BJP leaders also met DGP IP Neelamani Raju filing a complaint against the CM over his comments.
Kumaraswamy later appeared to tone down his call for a revolt after his words sparked outrage. "What I meant was to rise up in protest and not break the law and revolt unnecessarily," he later clarified.

However, a letter addressed to his party colleagues by Lehar Singh Siroya, BJP leader and member of Karnataka Legislative Council cautioned the party against "dragging the Prime Minister and the central government's name when fighting the Opposition in the state".

The central leadership of the BJP is adamant that any attempt to upstage the state government should not 'embarass' the party, especially after the first attempt in May backfired on the BJP.

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