The 32-year-old victim, Bingee alias Pinky, was killed and her body was dumped near Hyderabad's Botanical Gardens in Kondapur on January 30.

Kondapur murder PD Act against accused who chopped and dumped pregnant woman in HydFile photo: Nitin B
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The Cyberabad Police on Sunday said that it had booked three accused in the sensational murder of a pregnant woman, whose body had been dumped at Kondapur, under the Preventive Detention Act. 

The 32-year-old victim, Bingee alias Pinky, was killed and her body was dumped near Hyderabad's Botanical Gardens in Kondapur on January 30.

According to the police, the main accused are Bingee's partner, identified as Vikas Kashyap (35), Amarkanth Jha (21), a bartender, and Mamatha Jha (37). 

Anil Jha (75) was also taken into custody by the police when the case was cracked.

The PD Act has now been slapped on Vikas, Amarkanth and Mamatha for planning and executing the murder.

“Their acts have been prejudicial to the maintenance of public order and they would be kept out of the society for a considerable period by detaining them in the prison under this act to prevent them from committing such offences,”  Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC Sajjanar said in a statement.

In a press release at the time, the police said that around 13 years ago, Bingee had married one Dinesh in Chandausi town of Uttar Pradesh and had three children with him. Dinesh, Bingee and Vikas were from the same village, and Vikas developed a relationship with the woman. 

In January 2017, after there was some marital discord, Bingee and Vikas travelled to her native village in Bihar and settled there. 

It was here that Vikas met the Jha family and allegedly developed an illicit relationship with Mamatha.

In 2017, Vikas and the entire Jha family left for Hyderabad, leaving Bingee alone. Around 45 days before she was killed, Bingee managed to trace the four accused and landed up in Hyderabad's Siddique Nagar along with her eight-year-old son.

Following this, the police alleged that the three members of the family along with Vikas, hatched a plan to kill Bingee.

A post-mortem examination revealed that the woman was eight-months pregnant and may have also been beaten before she was killed, as she had a fractured pelvis and a ruptured uterus, besides broken ribs.

On the night of January 28, Amarkanth bought a marble cutting machine and put Bingee's body in the bathroom, before the accused allegedly cut it into several pieces, wrapped it in polythene covers and dumped it in a gunny sack.

In the early hours of January 29, Mamatha and Amarkanth allegedly took the body in a large, black bag and dumped it at the spot where it was found. 

After struggling to find clues initially, the police said that CCTV footage of two people on a bike led to a breakthrough in the case. The CCTV footage had shown the duo riding on a bike, with the pillion rider carrying a heavy bag. The pillion rider was a woman, while a man was riding the vehicle.


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