Priyanka talked about her beauty pageant days and how she wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.

Knocking down doors is my favourite part in Quantico Priyanka tells Ellen DeGeneresScreenshot
Social Interview Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 12:33

After charming audiences with her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show last month, actor Priyanka Chopra made her first appearance on the popular American show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Right at the beginning, the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres makes a reference to the a drinking game called 'Plinko Drinko' that Priyanka played on the red carpet of the 2016 Emmy awards where she took a shot of tequila. Soon after, Ellen reveals a similar setup and Priyanka, being the sport she is, took a tequila shot as per the rules.     

Things only got more interesting from there on. What happened next? Take a look:

Ellen asks Priyanka about her beauty pageant days, about winning the Miss India title when she was 18 years old and seven months later, the Miss World title too. Priyanka reveals that she actually wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but things were "awkward" when she went back to college. "Teachers wouldn't say anything to me, and you wave to your classmates," she says.

In a light-hearted bit then, Ellen and Priyanka debate about how beauty pageant participants are supposed to wave on stage. While Priyanka demonstrates a fluid wrist movement, Ellen insists it's a stiff handed wave from side to side.

Ellen then asked Priyanka about Quantico, the poplar American TV series where she plays an Indian-American FBI agent. Priyanka talks about how her knowledge of FBI and CIA, before she started acting in the show, was limited to what she saw in American TV shows.

"It's such a sense of power when you knock down a door saying "FBI! FBI! I enjoy that part the most in Quantico," she smiles.    

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