Siddaramaiah said: “He did not complain to senior officers, or to the government about harassment

 KJ George has not resigned hard to believe DySP was harassed CM SiddaramaiahFacebook
news DySP Ganapathy Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 12:44

It is impossible to believe DySP Ganapathy’s statement because there is no record of harassment from senior officers, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said in the Assembly on Wednesday.

Earlier on the day the CM also denied reports of former KJ George offering his resignation

Making a statement on the alleged suicide of Mangaluru DySP Ganapathy during the ongoing Assembly Session, Siddaramaiah said: “He did not complain to senior officers, or to the government about harassment from anybody. There is a system of complains within the police, for grievances against higher officers, but he has not made use of it even once in his career to allege any harassment. This is very clear. There is no iota of evidence of (complaining about harassment). Even the opposition has not brought it up because no such thing happened. So, it is not possible to believe that he was harassed.”

Siddaramaiah also said that Ganapathy’s service records show that he did not work with Pronab Mohanty, who was reputed to be a good officer. “Why then did he name Mohanty?” Siddaramaiah said.  Throughout the interview that Ganapathy gave to the local channel in Madikeri, there was no blame assigned to the three people. Ganapathy had named, them, but not accused them of harassing him, Siddaramaiah said.

He said that the interview could not be considered as the dying declaration as the Opposition was demanding because it did not occur immediately before his death.


Other points the Chief Minister made in the Assembly:

·         Both the deaths – DySP Kallappa Handibag and DySP Ganapathy – are a huge loss for the police department
The families have suffered an irreparable loss 

·         The opposition has reacted aggressively on the issue. Nobody should indulge in politics of vendetta

·         Ganapathy was reinstated after one-month suspension when it was found that he had reported only Rs 20, 000 when Rs 1 crore was recovered from a robbery case in 2014.

·         CID has uncovered many details while probing the death