Chinmayi and Rahul landed in India from the US and had no valid currency notes with them.

Kind ATM security guard gives singer Chinmayi and husband Rs 20 for teaFacebook/ Chinmayi Sripada
Flix Demonetisation Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 11:07

Popular singer Chinmayi, who landed on Indian soil from the US this morning along with her husband actor Rahul Ravindran, put up her experience with demonetisation on Facebook.

The singer said that they had no cash at all in smaller denominations as they were in the US when the announcement was made. Rahul went to their local ATM to withdraw cash so they could have some tea but had no luck.

The ATM security guard told him that the money is loaded at 10 AM and gets over in a matter of two hours. However, Chinmayi says that the kind man gave Rahul Rs 20 so the couple could have their tea.

"A lot of us have our hearts in the right place. We are kind. We are good. We just forget that," she said.

Some users asked the singer why she hadn't used her debit card for buying tea. Chinmayi said that she couldn't go to a 5 star hotel to drink tea and shot back with, "Also do let me know how many local tea vendors take debit cards."

Another user asked her why she hadn't come "prepared". Chinmayi's response was, "I dont own a TV and I dont watch the news. How would one come prepared when no one has cash?"

Chinmayi's positive story was lauded by many who said it was good that she was not saying anything negative about the government's move.

Read Chinmayi's post here:

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