Kichcha Sudeep's cricket team Rockstars eliminated from KPL

The Sandalwood star expressed surprise and disappointment at the team’s elimination this year.
Kichcha Sudeep's cricket team Rockstars eliminated from KPL
Kichcha Sudeep's cricket team Rockstars eliminated from KPL
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Sandalwood star Kichcha Sudeep’s cricket team Rockstars will not be playing this edition of the Karnataka Premier League, which is slated to kick off on September 1.

According to media reports, the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) has decided not to include the Rockstars in this year’s KPL tournament.

The Worldwide Kichcha Sudeepa Fans Association put out a post on Facebook with a letter written by Sudeep to his supporters.

According to the letter, the KSCA had eliminated the Rockstars without informing the team captain Kichcha Sudeep or it owner Raju Gowda.

“Rockstars elimination from KPL is surely a big let-down for all the actors, my friends and the team owner, Raju Gowda. who dedicated themselves towards the team’s progress selflessly. This termination has taken each one by surprise. 

We shall now walk out with our heads high for having done what was expected of us. Each one has taken out weeks from their working schedule and have dedicated it to KPL. It's unfortunate that a decision of terminating Rockstars has been taken by the board. I'm glad that I was called at least to be informed of the decision. A decision was made and I was later called to be informed that Rockstars weren't a part of KPL anymore. I have walked out respecting their words,” the letter reads.

The letter expresses Sudeep’s unhappiness as the team’s captain. It states that the decision is “killing” Sudeep. “As a captain of the team I have seen the hard work and dedication my players have put in, knowing that they weren’t doing this to craft a career in cricket but just for support. I do not expect Rockstars to play each and every year, but my team and team owner deserved a better exit,” the letter adds. 

However, refuting media reports that he was angry with the KSCA, Sudeep, in a tweet, said that “these thing don’t make me angry, neither does my letter say that”.

“I smile at these situation, learn and move on,” the tweet reads.

However, the reason for the Rockstars’ elimination remains unknown.

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