Police said that Irshad has admitted to the crime when confronted with evidence.

One Bengaluru molestation was staged Woman brother-in-law hatched plan to get married
news Crime Monday, January 09, 2017 - 08:39

In a shocking turn of events, Bengaluru City Police have found that the KG Halli molestation was staged by the victim and her brother-in-law as a part of a larger plan to get married.

Bengaluru police had registered seven cases of molestation till January 7. With the latest development, one of them has been found to be false. 

The police arrested 34-year-old Irshad Khan, a resident of Govindapura, who is the brother-in-law of the victim, on Sunday.

The duo had planned the “molestation” as they felt that it would lead to the woman’s family marrying her off to Irshad. The "inspiration" came after watching media coverage of Kammanahalli molestation case, in which a CCTV cam recorded the victim being stalked and molested in the wee hours of January 1.

On Friday, a 23-year-old woman filed a complaint stating that when was walking towards Arabic College Bus Stop near Nagawara Main Road in HRBR Layout, a man started stalking her and later assaulted her.

The man allegedly grabbed her, bit her lips and tongue. The girl also sustained injuries on her arms and legs in the process. 

Hemant Nimbalkar, Additional Commissioner of Police (East) confirmed that Irshad had planned the "molestation" as parents of the victim were trying to marry her off after learning about their alleged relationship.

"This way, Irshad thought that the victim's family would not find a suitable match for her," he said. 

It was Irshad Khan who even took the victim to the police station to file a complaint. He had also handed over the CCTV footage, that showed the victim being stalked by a man. 

According to the officer, another CCTV camera had captured the "post molestation scene" in which the duo was seen interacting amicably. 

Police said that Irshad has admitted to the crime when confronted with evidence and that the victim has also admitted that her wounds were self-inflicted. 

The police also found that Irshad's walking style was eerily similar to the accused in the CCTV footage. Records of telephonic conversation of both the victim and the accused also revealed that they had spoken to each other before the incident. 

According to reports, Irshad married the victim's sister three years ago and have a child. The victim lives with the family.