After being trapped in a cleft on a mountain face in Cherad hill for nearly two days, Babu was rescued on Wednesday morning by Army personnel.

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news Malampuzha Rescue Friday, February 11, 2022 - 16:45

Reaching home after being discharged from the Palakkad district hospital on Friday, February 11, 23-year-old R Babu, the trekker who was rescued by the Indian Army from a cliff at the Cherad hill, told the media that he wishes to join the Air Force. Speaking to the media, he said that he had earlier worked as a civilian staff in an Air Force unit. Sharing advice after his ordeal, he said that if anybody wants to go trekking, they should take permission from concerned authorities and carry essentials like water and other things. Babu was trapped in the face of a mountain cleft and was rescued by the Indian Army through a breathtaking operation on Wednesday.

After being trapped in a small cavity in the hill in Palakkad’s Malampuzha — which was barely enough for him to crouch in — for nearly two days, rescue teams of the Army were able to reach Babu, provide him food and water and then haul him to safety on Wednesday morning. A specialist mountaineering team of the Madras Regimental Centre (MRC) rescued him from the cleft. The Army had deployed two teams consisting of qualified mountaineers and rock climbing experts from the Parachute Regimental Centre, Bangalore and Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington.

Babu also told the media on Friday that trekking was his passion and he was sure that someone would come to rescue him from the steep gorge. "I was not afraid. The cleft was like a tiny cave. When it was too cold and too hot outside, I used to crawl into the gorge and come outside whenever I heard anyone calling my name," he told reporters.

"I believed in myself and I knew I would be rescued, so I did not fear. It was hot at times and at times it became cold. On Wednesday morning, I heard the sound of the Army team who called from the top and said not to worry," said Babu.

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The 23-year-old youth was discharged from the district hospital on Friday morning as the doctors certified that his health condition was stable. However, they advised him to take rest at least for one week.

When asked about whether he realised that his rescue had made headlines, Babu said he was not aware about it but he was sure that someone would come to lift him to safety.

"My mobile phone lost its charge by the evening. Before that, I managed to click some selfies and sent them to my friends to inform them that I was stranded there. I also tried to convey the message to the Fire and Rescue personnel," he detailed. Babu said besides the severe climate, the lack of food and water was also an issue as he developed difficulties with the time running out.

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While his mother said that she will not allow Babu to go trekking again, he dismissed it with a smile and said that he would like to continue to pursue his passion for travelling and trekking. Babu also said his present priority is to take proper rest and have good food.

(With inputs from IANS and PTI)

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