Kerala police send back 5-member Rohingya family to Hyderabad relief camp

Two local police officers, 2 women police officers and one Railway Inspector escorted the Rohingya family back to Hyderabad.
Kerala police send back 5-member Rohingya family to Hyderabad relief camp
Kerala police send back 5-member Rohingya family to Hyderabad relief camp

A five-member Rohingya family who found their way to Kerala from Hyderabad and detained by the Kerala police on Friday.

The family — who are refugees from Myanmar —  had arrived in Delhi and then moved to Hyderabad, where they were reportedly living in the Rohingya relief camp. They later took a train from Hyderabad and arrived at the Vizhinjam police station in Thiruvananthapuram district on Tuesday.

“They were questioned for two days by the intelligence department and on Friday morning, they were sent back to Hyderabad in the train. They were escorted by two local police officers, two women officers and one Railway Inspector,” confirmed an officer from the Vizhinjam police station, where the family had been detained.

The five members have been identified as Sayub (36), his wife Safiya Kathum (29), his brother Irshad (27), Safiya’s brother Anwar Shah (11) and six-month-old baby Safiyan, the officer confirmed.

The family reportedly also carried United Nations refugee cards with them.

Last Friday, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) sent out a missive which was labelled “secret”, which claimed that a huge number of Rohingyas were coming to Kerala. The communication is dated September 26 – which was a day before Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh made his speech. It was sent from the Principal Chief Security Commissioner of RPF to all his divisional commissioners.

“The state police is on alert following the information, especially at the places, where they are supposed to arrive. But the other plans like how the issue will be dealt with is yet to be decided,” the Chief Minister’s Office told TNM.

The Thiruvananthapuram Division of the Railways has, however, not received any information regarding the missive or the matter, according to sources. Ironically, it is the Thiruvananthapuram police that has first identified and taken into custody a Rohingya migrant family that has entered the state. The Indian government has called all Rohingyas ‘illegal immigrants’, and has asked all state governments to obtain their biometrics and other details in order to deport them to Myanmar.

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