KPCC’s Sudheeran accused Modi of giving off India to black money hoarders and corporates.

Kerala Congress mock court rules PM Modi should resign over demonetisation
news Demonetisation Friday, December 30, 2016 - 19:11

“This court orders that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should resign, as demonetisation has completely failed,” rules the judge, as “Modi” obediently stands in the trial box.

What makes the scene incongruous was the grin on the judge’s face and the wired microphone in his hand, where the gavel ought to have been.

On Friday, District Congress Committee in Thiruvananthapuram organized an event in which Narendra Modi was put on trial and “prosecuted” for his demonetisation decision, that continues to affect the general public.

Inaugurating the programme, KPCC President VM Sudheeran lambasted the PM and demanded that he resign. 

"Modi has given off our country to black money hoarders and corporates. Modi has proved that he does not deserve to be in the PM's post," Sudheeran said. 

Before the mock court, "Modi" pleads that he has done nothing wrong. 

But the judge seems to be in no mood to listen to the plea and emphasizes the importance of a fair trial. For the Congress party, this was a matter of killing two birds with one stone. 

"There should be a fair trial. Neither is this Lavalin case nor are you Pinarayi Vijayan. Let there be a democratic trial," the judge rules. 

Then comes a representative of the public, who demands that the PM- who destroyed his life- be hanged to death. While “Mod’s” lawyers argued in his defence, the judge ruled otherwise. "This is the decision of the people's court," the judge stated. 

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