Kerala Congress (M) leaves UDF and all memes break loose

Congress MLA VT Balram also took a dig at KM Mani through a Facebook post.
Kerala Congress (M) leaves UDF and all memes break loose
Kerala Congress (M) leaves UDF and all memes break loose
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Something as big as Kerala Congress (M) chief quitting from the United Democratic Front was bound to come with its share of memes. But It was Congress MLA VT Balram who kick-started the jokes now doing the rounds on social media.

Even before Mani held the official press meet in Pathanamthitta on Sunday, the possibilities of KCM leaving UDF had been discussed extensively within and outside UDF.

Just when the media began to report KCM’s decision to function as an independent bloc in the assembly, Congress MLA VT Balram scored a goal at Mani’s expense.

The MLA from Thrithala constituency of Palakkad took a (giant) dig at the leader through a Facebook post on Sunday.

“I am relieved that a piece of laddu did not get stuck in your throat and create a bloc(k), Sir,” he wrote in Malayalam.

Though he was cautious enough not to take names, this was a reference nobody needed to be reminded about.

The MLA was seemingly taking a dig at Mani, referring to an incident in March last year, when many UDF MLAs distributed laddus in the assembly.

Laddus were distributed after KM Mani, then Finance Minister of the state presented the budget, which was later termed inappropriate by the Speaker as food items are strictly prohibited in the assembly.

Balram was reported to have stayed away from the laddu-distributing affair last year. 

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Plus an internet reaction.

In this meme, former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, who backed Mani in spite of corruption allegations against him says, “Oh Christ, where will I get a better partner than him to loot (the state).”

Until now…From now on. Rather self-explanatory?

Meme 5- Kunhalikutty to Oommen Chandy: "Don't worry, he will come back. Where else will he go?"

 In this one, a visibly 'worried' Oommen Chandy asks Ramesh Chennithala if Mani has left. "Yes" comes the answer. And then begins the celebration. 

Well, Happy friendship day to you too!

Picture 1: *KM Mani until now*

Picture 2: Today

Picture 3: …

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